Genesis Healing ~ Cosmic Alignment Technique 

Healing from a Higher Dimension

Healing Waters Academy 

Heaven & Earth blended together at the Heart...

First there was light…. Now there is this!

From the beginning of time, there has always been a cosmic reverberation, an echo of what there was… in the beginning.

  • Was it a sound, a light… a knowing … all three?
  • The beginning of all there is.
  • The energy that was born on that sound, that light, that knowing is known as the Genesis, the dawn of all creation.
  • Our consul of eight has instructed us that the energy you will begin to assimilate to and channel during and after your training weekend is THAT genesis energy.
  • It has the power to create, to re-form, to develop, to give birth, to re-establish
  • To heal and to balance, to align with all that is.
  • Having also the power to realign you to your soul plan. Your soul blueprint, your chosen destiny.
  • A Pure Cosmic Energy, which knows no boundaries
  • Spiritual not Religious! 

Advanced Healing:

There is a whisper reverberating around the universe, echoing from the beginning of time. From your place of stillness... you know you have heard it. A calling for Healers and Earth Angels to help spread this exciting healing treatment across the planet. Those who wish (or have a resonance) to be involved in this wonderful gift from the cosmos and all that is, please read on....

The Mission of all Healers

As Earth Angels we have healed and watched over man/womankind with love and grace.

As Earth Angels and with our previous healing techniques we have done our task successfully. We have done well; we have healed and assisted many of our own kind, including the environment, animals and plants of our precious planet.

However, now we find ourselves in a different place, a different era, we now find ourselves in need of a higher energy, and we are finding that our capacities for handling higher energy have vastly improved. We are now able to hold and channel even more light, even more healing energy.

2014 brought with it a new reality, new long awaited gifts, new healing abilities that we could have only dream about. 2017 brings in even higher energies.

Now that we are able to hold so much more light than ever before, a new type and enhanced healing is required. A much more powerful and universal / cosmic energy is necessary to help us with the shift that is happening at this precise moment in our planets evolution and our consciousness.

An awareness is happening deep within each of us, an awareness we have known was coming and now we need to prepare ourselves for our greatest task, our greatest challenge. A task we can undertake with speed and grace.

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Please note that Cosmic Alignment Technique (C.A.T~ Genesis Healing) is a trademark of Jennifer Garrington and is only taught at Healing Waters Academy. All aspects of this treatment, routine, methods and techniques are Copyright. The course and treatment is original. Only therapists who have taken this course are entitled to call themselves Cosmic Alignment Technique (C.A.T~ Genesis Healing) Practitioners.