Genesis Healing ~ Cosmic Alignment Technique 

Healing from a Higher Dimension

C.A.T Frequency Levels

Frequency Levels

Level 1 - Foundation Course - Practitioner Level One Course ~ "Elementary"
Level 2 - Master Practitioner Level Two Course ~ "The Beacon of Light"
Level 3 - Master / Teacher Practitioner Level Three Course ~ "Elemental Re-Balance"

C.A.T One - Foundation Course

C.A.T ~ Foundation Level One ( Alignment, Activation & Integration)

Practitioner Diploma Foundation Level One 


Two Day Intensive Course  - maximum of 4 students
Saturday & Sunday 9.30am – 5pm
Level One £295

Prerequisite for the course: None, just a desire to heal 

Course Content

What is C.A.T
How and where can C.A.T heal and help
Introduction to Sacred Geometry
Meditations – to awaken the Light Body
C.A.T Activation & Integration Ceremony
Foundation Step of the  C.A.T Treatment Programme (completeted in Level Two)
Plenty of time allowed for hands on practice, working with Cosmic Energies
A comprehensive course manual.
The Level One C.A.T Certificate (After case studies)
For small groups of up to 4 only. (A minimum of 2 students are required for a course to run)
Free - ongoing support.
Two day course 

C.A.T Level One

For those attending C.A.T level one, you will need to purchase for the course

A set of crystal hand merkbas ~ Click HERE for more details 

C.A.T Alignment, Activation and Integration Ceremony

The C.A.T Alignment, Activation and Integration Ceremony is an awareness and soul level responsiveness of cosmic empowerment, a celestial and spiritual ceremony which has the specific purpose and intent to rejoin the receiver with the Cosmic Energy Source and All That Is.
Being activated and integrated with C.A.T gives you the ability to easily access Cosmic Energies and All That Is, for the purpose of rebalancing and healing a persons’ whole being, within and without! (To CAT level 1 frequencies)
Bringing harmony, balance, alignment and nourishment for the earthly, light and soul bodies. 

C.A.T Level Two - The Beacon of Light

C.A.T ~ Level Two

"The Beacon of Light" Activation & Integration

Master Practitioner Diploma Level Two 


Two day intensive course  - maximum of 4 students
Saturday & Sunday 9.30am –

Prerequisite for the course: C.A.T Level One Foundation Diploma

Please Note: Before taking C.A.T level two training, a student must have taken C.A.T level one at least 9 months previously and have completed and handed in all case studies.

C.A.T Level Two

For those attending C.A.T level two, you will need to purchase for the course

A crystal merkba pendulum

A Crystal wand

Click HERE for more details

Course Content

  • Your C.A.T journey so far.
  • C.A.T updates
  • Sacred Geometry
  • The Full Four Step C.A.T Treatment programme (Step one - Foundation Level)
  • Higher Vibrational Meditations – to widen the Light Body
  • C.A.T "Beacon of Light" Ceremony
  • Practice, working with C.A.T Two higher vibrational energies
  • A comprehensive C.A.T Level Two Course manual.
  • Level Two C.A.T Diploma
  • For small groups of up to 4 only. (A minimum of 2 students are required for a course to run)
  • Two day course

C.A.T Two - Ceremony of “The Beacon of Light”

As you embark upon your journey with C.A.T Level Two, and the next higher vibrational stage. You will experience a intense and steady stream of vibrational energy that connects your heart with heaven, mother earth and all that is, aligning and balancing one heart to another.

The energy channels are opened even wider to allow for higher vibrational earth, heaven and cosmic energies to merge together at the heart. A Celestial infusion is channeled to you from the angelic and cosmic realms for you to impart to others through your healing.

C.A.T Level Three ~ Master / Teacher

C.A.T is not about time tables, certificates and reaching a status level, it is about Healing, Self & Spiritual Development and widening the channel for ever more increased vibrational energy, awareness and understanding. There is nothing to become other than a better person / healer / earth angel who heals all on and for our planet.

You do not have to take all the levels, up to and including level two gives you all you need to heal on a higher vibrational level. It is up to you whether you advance through the higher levels.

Level 3 Master / Teacher Diploma course uses tuning forks to enhance the treatment~ more details on booking

This level is the Master/Teacher level where you will learn how to deliver CAT to others ~ to level 2 only. All new Master/Teachers will be trained here at HWA by Jennifer via Beacons of Light (

  • Master / Teacher Practitioner Course
  • A Three day intensive Master / Teacher Training Course
  • 9.30am - 5pm
  • £395

C.A.T Professional Training at Healing Waters Academy

Healing Waters Academy

Courses & Master Classes ~ Holistic Therapies, The Healing Arts, Meditation & Spiritual Development


Please note that Cosmic Alignment Technique (C.A.T~ Genesis Healing) is a trademark of Jennifer Garrington and is only taught at Healing Waters Academy. . All aspects of this treatment, routine, methods and techniques are Copyright. The course and treatment is original. Only therapists who have taken this course are entitled to call themselves Cosmic Alignment Technique (C.A.T~ Genesis Healing) Practitioners.