Genesis Healing ~ Cosmic Alignment Technique 

Healing from a Higher Dimension

Experiences of a C.A.T ~ Genisis Healing Treatment

Healing from a Higher Dimension

Experiences of a C.A.T Healing Treatment

Cosmic Alignment Technique is a powerful energy healing system which aligns, nourishes and feeds the whole being, within and without. C.A.T aligns and brings into equilibrium cosmic energies that your soul and body needs and desires.

C.A.T works with multi dimensional energies and is a very strong, powerful healing technique that draws on cosmic and earth energies merging them together at the heart.

During a C.A.T healing treatment hands are placed gently on the body and both the receiver and deliverer feel very subtle movements as the receiver is aligned, balanced and healed. 

The alignment begins in a seated position and then moved to a treatment couch to enable the complement of the treatment with further healing. (However it is possible that the receiver can remain seated throughout the treatment). 

The receiver remains fully clothed throughout with only shoes being asked to be removed. Loose comfy clothing is recommended.

  • Wonderfully relaxing
  • Excellent for Stress, Depression & Anxiety
  • Aligns and opens the heart to the light and love of the universe
  • Alignment of multi dimensional energies Earth ~ Heart ~Cosmos
  • Alignment with primary earth energies
  • Activates healing from multi dimensions
  • Reactivates the original blueprint.
  • Aligns with the Higher Self and Soul Guide
  • Equilibrium of both the female and male energies in ones self
  • Retrieval of a person’s divine plan and purpose
  • Encourages self healing on a cellular level
  • Expands the consciousness into full awareness of all that is, plus more
  • Expands awareness of supreme guidance, a persons divine council
  • Releasement of negative thought forms and belief systems from cellular memory and the conscious and subconscious minds that no longer serve.

"During my CAT Treatment I felt feelings of peace and safety. I felt a definite energy all around my body which was very intense at times, leaving me feeling very lifted and happy. I also saw an angel, and felt a big explosion of light that felt lovely; it looked like a huge disc of golden light over the base of my spine. An area that I have a problem with at the moment felt much better. It felt like a recycling session for my body and mind - out with the unwanted, useless, negative baggage and in with a positive feeling. I have carried a relaxed, up beat feeling with me ever since the session. I am really looking forward to the next session. A very positive and comforting experience." SH Kidderminster

"After a sensation of dusting of what I can only explain as Stardust... I sensed a tremendous warmth enter my hands and felt it melt my ice cold heart. When we had finished I felt still and calm and the whole experience felt very different to Reiki, a much stronger energy than one I normally experience." JB Glouchester

"During my C.A.T treatment, my mind began to clear, at last I feel that I can see my way forward. I feel much more at ease with my life and yes, balanced and aligned!" KH Stourbridge

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These are just a few comments we have received.

  • It feels like being in the womb
  • Feeling of safety ...feeling of freedom
  • Spiritually Reborn
  • Tightness in shoulders lessened
  • Renewed energy levels
  • Feeling of being balanced and aligned
  • Feeling of being under water, water gushing over them... (spiritually cleansed)
  • I know that I will be healed if I have more of this!
  • Felt my whole body being gently stretched... a wonderful feeling
  • Feels like I’m flying
  • I knew it was balancing my right ear (After acute ear infection & operation)
  • Left me feeling very calm and together
  • I feel spiritually uplifted and totally cleansed
  • I don’t know how it felt... it’s strange... but good strange!
  • I experienced an intense feeling of being healed, much more powerful than previous session of healing taken from you.