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***Please note, the founders of CAT have been Reiki Masters, Healers & Practitioners for many years. We hold Reiki and any other form of energy healing in the highest regard. There is room for all! ***

Q. Isn’t C.A.T the same as Reiki, Spiritual Healing or Angelic Reiki?

A. Cosmic Alignment Technique is totally different to Reiki, Angelic Reiki or any other hands on healing therapy or treatment. Not only in energy but also how the healing is delivered too. C.A.T is not just another form of Reiki etc. Energy healing has come of age!

Q. I am a beauty therapist and have no training in healing or energy medicine; can I still become a C.A.T practitioner?

A. Yes you can, level 1 is for beginners too.  This will introduce you to healing and  energy medicine.

Q. I have Reiki / Spiritual Healing why should I learn CAT?

A. Obviously this is a matter of personal choice. However we have establish that many find themselves on a path of personal or spiritual development, and have a calling to develop their professional training in energy medicine. Many are finding that they sense that they are capable now, to hold more light and energy and are searching for something else.

Q. I have always been interested in healing and I think I am an earth angel, but I have no qualifications or training in healing?

A. Level 1 introduces you to healing and energy medicine and is a good starting point.

Q. Why is there a need for a new energy medicine?

A. As with everything, things and time moves on. New improved technology replaces the old, however this new energy doesn't replace. There will always be room for Reiki and those who wish to use it, but now the time is right, the time is true for a new energy. We, on this planet are raising our vibrations, we are moving and ascending slowly through the dark and into the light, therefore as our vibrations become higher, so does the need for higher dimensional energy to help us on this next stage of our ascension.

Q. How and why has Cosmic Alignment Technique been developed?

A. Cosmic Alignment Technique has been developed and channelled directly from spirit and universal /cosmic energy. In some ways similar to how Reiki came into being. Both have been given as a wonderful gift from the universe.

Q. Do I have to take the full 3 levels of C.A.T?

A. No, you don’t. You will need to take at least up to level 2. This gives you the full CAT treatment programme. It is your personal choice to how many levels you decide to take.

Q. I am really interested in C.A.T, and would like to take all the levels, how long do I need to wait between each level?

A. Level 2 is taken roughly 9 months after level 1, as you will need to work and establish the frequency of the level. Level 3 is 12 months after level 2.

Q. How long is each Training Course?

A. Each level is a two day training course that takes part over one weekend. 

Q. Why are there 4 levels to CAT?

A. CAT is not all about degrees and reaching the highest as fast as you can to gain status, as many do in other forms of healing. CAT is about healing others in incredible ways, ways you may have thought impossible and along the way, healing and developing yourself to be the best you can be. Opening your heart to the universe and all that is. There is nothing to reach or achieve... just a more balanced you!  At each frequency level you reach, the vibrations and frequencies of healing energy increases. Each level is a union with the vibrations and frequencies of the earth and your destiny.

Q. What’s the objective of CAT?

A. The objective of CAT is very simple. To make our world a better, happier, healthy, more spiritual place ... this also includes YOU as a CAT deliverer. From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow. CAT will grow and will spread across the planet with speed and grace. Within each of us is a seed... that seed when cultivated will heal in many ways, in ways maybe we previously thought were impossible. It will eventually heal everything... as everything basically is energy! 

Q. How do I enrol on a practitioner training course?

A. You may book on line or email for details to be sent to you through the post. Click HERE for the online booking page   

Q. How do I find out when the next course is taking place?

A. Click HERE to find out when the next course is or if the course isn't listed, fill in the ......please let me know... online form and we will let you know.

Q. I know this sounds silly but when I see the word cosmic, does this mean it's Alien Healing?

A. No, not at all.... Now we are able to hold much more light... the energy/healing is coming from higher dimensions of the cosmos/universe and all that is... and is totally for the good of all.

Q. What do you mean when you say in your literature “Healing from a Higher Dimension?”

A. As we slowly ascend, we are raising our vibrations to meet the vibrations of the earth as she herself ascends. Reiki and other forms of healing tend to come from 3rd  and lower 4th dimensional energy because that's what we could hold/handle. Because of our ascension... we are now capable of holding a more powerful form of energy. CAT comes from the 5th dimension and above. (If you are already healing with / from the 5th dimension, then the energy will come from a higher dimension and so on.)

Q. I am 17 years old and want to develop my healing abilities, from what age can I begin my C.A.T Training?

A. The age limit is 18+ 

Q. What qualifications do I need to begin my C.A.T Training?

A. None,  Just a desire to learn.


Please note that Cosmic Alignment Technique (C.A.T) is a trademark of Jennifer Garrington. All aspects of this treatment, routine, methods and techniques are Copyright. The course and treatment is original. Only therapists who have done this course are entitled to call themselves Cosmic Alignment Technique (C.A.T) Deliverers / Practitioners